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Sondirra’s Background

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The game is set on Planet Golarion.
On the Continent Avistan

Sondirra’s doesn’t know what happened to his real parents as he was in fact found as a baby by a barren Shoanti barbarian woman named Soggrin on the Storva Plateau of Varisa. Unable to have children of her own, the woman kept the tiny baby and raised it as her own. Spending his formative years in the wilderness, Sondirra learned their ways, but of course failed to grow as fast or tall as other barbarian children, and found himself shunned and picked on. Eventually, the truth of his origins came out, and his adopted mother presented him with a ring that had been found on a chain around his neck. The plain gold band was a magical ring that he believes had belonged to his father, bearing a halfling inscription on the inside that reads “From your loving wife Ethel”. At the time, he couldn’t read it – but now knowing there were other halflings out there in the wide world who would be able to read it, he felt compelled to leave Soggrin and try to find out more about his true heritage.

A few weeks later, he entered the city of Kaer Maga, where almost half the population were little folk like him. But the city was not a pleasant place, an anarchic melting pot of all sorts of different races and cultures with virtually no law and order, and despite finding a large community of halflings there, and even living with the Freemen in The Bottoms where he learnt how more civilised halflings live (not to mention a few more skills that required less rage and more finesse), he found the city stifling and frequently left to enjoy the great outdoors. It was on one such trip that he found himself captured and enslaved by Orcish slave traders. Managing to hide his treasured ring so it wouldn’t be stolen from him, he found himself returned to Kaer Maga, sold on the slave market and then transported south, through Nirmathas to Molthune where he was kept as a slave. At least till he found the opportunity to free himself. The slavemark on his wrist now remains covered at all times.He also discovered a joy in food and drink, and slowly started to become a more rounded halfling in more than one meaning of the word.

Once escaped, Sondirra fled southwards, passing through Isger and heading for the land of the Free – Andoran.

Arriving in the halfling community in the city of Almas with barely the clothes on his back and his father’s ring to his name, he set about establishing himself. Using his natural dexterity, barbarian trained speed and his natural cunning, he quickly made a name for himself as a skillful, albeit somewhat touchy, private investigator and finder of lost things. Over the next few years, he “found” an enchanted belt that made him even more nimble and was gifted a cloak by a rich patron in payment for the service of finding and returning a stolen heirloom.

It was on another such mission to retrieve stolen property that Sondirra found himself in the logging town of Falcon’s Hollow, and that in turn almost led to his demise, as he was laid low by a green scaled fiend before being rescued by the party.

Details to add: WHO is his current patron and WHAT is he seeking?

Sondirra is quick to anger and suspicious of most people he meets, though his almost insatiable appetite for food often battles with his natural caution.

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